FashionnovaCurve Active wear try on haul

Hi again!!

Here I am trying on a few active pieces from FashionnovaCurve. If you have been following my Instagram ( @yeseniacastillo__ ) then you know I have been more active in the gym and have been getting more serious about my health and fitness journey. Which is why I wanted to upload this active wear Haul.

Tell me what you think?? Also drop your favorite active wear brands below 👇🏽

The pieces I am wearing are….

Nova Babe Sculpt Tech Active Sports Bra – Black

Fit Life Active Leggings In Power Flex – Black

Stay Moving Tie Front Performance Muscle Tank – Lilac

Sliced Infinity Seamless Active Crop Top – Black

Sliced Infinity Seamless Active Legging – Black

Born 2 Fly Infinity Seamless Active Sports Bra – Grey/Blue

Born 2 Fly Infinity Seamless Active Legging – Grey/Blue

PS: I know I have deodorant marks on my sports bra 😱😰

Thank you for watching ❤️❤️❤️

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33 thoughts on “Plus Size Lingerie Try On Haul!

  1. Gabriella I’m digging your new “aesthetics” now in terms of your hair and nails. The short nails and nude polish you are rocking look more sophisticated and elegant compared to the really long ones you used to wear. You look super nice with your short hair ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I bet PP has a red ass face watching this video 😂😂 so glad you did this video! Very unlike you. 💙

  3. Nice to see you. I had to laugh when you bent to last item. Very funny. People do not realize that a healthy safe sex life is a necessity. It relieves stress and helps you to function in the real world. Nothing wrong with self love.

  4. Don't know why some people make a big deal over sex topics between adults. What's so wrong about leading a happy sex life? Acting like it's a taboo topic is honestly sad. Without sex, none of us would exist….lol, sounded better in my head.

  5. You look beautiful as always but also you looked so nervous and embarrassed I thought you were going to bust out laughing behind the realistic dildo box 🤣

    (That guys comment down below 👇🏼🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂)

  6. I love how open you are. I’m very sex positive as well. Sometimes I can come across as a thot around more of my closed off friends but a healthy sex life is a game changer!

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