HUGE shoutout and thank you to everyone that donated to me to make this video happen! Overall editing and audio quality will improve in the future as I plan on …


42 thoughts on “SWIMSUIT TRY ON HAUL! HOT GIRL SUMMER APPROVED – ft African Mall

  1. You are so beautiful. Every swimsuit looks amazing on you. The red one, I love since it's dressed down but also sexy. The neon orange and lime green looks great against your skin. And your hair and makeup are snatched! πŸ˜πŸ’œ

  2. They didn't cover the 🐱 sis. 🀦🏾 the suits are pretty just didn't fit well which is surprising cause you have a nice body. 🀷🏾

  3. Hey queen!Β  Beautiful swimsuit haul that you performed.Β  All the suits looked great on you.Β  I especially loved the red one and the last animal print one on ya. I hope you do one more before the fall gets here.Β  Keep sharing your beauty!

  4. 😍😍,Dammmm, Black Is Definitely Beautiful, Everything Thing Fit Your Body Perfect, 😍😍, I Love Your Tattoos and Your Hair Style, You Look Amazing, 😘😘, Keep Up The Good Work, Beautiful 😍😍..

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