Fashion Nova Heel Haul 2020 | Fashion Nova Try On

Hey boooskiiieesss 💕
Put me on with some other company that got bomb heels! Let me know in the comments! Thanks for the support 😘


5 thoughts on “Dance Wear Try On Haul | Curvy Girl Edition

  1. I absolutely love this! 💕 After gaining so much weight over the past year and a half I felt like I couldn’t really be confident with my new weight and size ( Size 12 ) after being a size 3 for YEARS growing up. Never thought I’d ever gain weight until I got into a healthy relationship haha ya girl been eating & being treated good! 🙌🏽 so I gained over 60+ pounds and can definitely see the chubbiness all over but after watching this, made me feel a bit more confident about it! 💗 Thanks girl for the encouragement and motivation 😄 👍🏽

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