27 thoughts on “super CUTE summer + back to school try on haul! // back to school outfit ideas!

  1. I love all the pieces you got but my most favourite one has got to be the pink and white cardigan with the presters (snap button things)

    I totally love you and your content! Keep repping us black sisters, keep repping the girls who aren't necessarily "fashion model" small… You are absolutely gorgeous and totally fabulous. I love your spirit, your style and your character.

  2. WOAH!! These pieces were BEAUTIFUL ahhhh💖💖 I had no idea that Princess Polly had such cute items and you definitely selected some amazing pieces yourself! Totally obsessed with the shorts and that pink plaid cardigan🥰👏🏾

  3. I found your channel around a week ago and I've been watching your videos daily. I'm obsessed lol. We're both in the same part of our lives (19 and going into 2nd year of college/university) so it is so relatable to watch your videos. I love it!

  4. your videos and channel are so well put together! You just gained a new subscriber:)

  5. Hi I love your videos so so much TT-TT!! BTW what camera do you use? I'm really inspired to start my own channel.

  6. the michael cardigan was my favorite shade of yellow, my favorite color! 🤎 we love to see it!

  7. Hey Lexi I love your video content and intro “what’s up boyfriends girlfriends and everyone in between” I hope you are keeping safe. Stay on your grind. Btw I miss you college vlogs like a lot 🙁

  8. Love you videos! V asthetically pleasing, keep up! This is black excellence. PERIODT sis!

  9. Haii lexi I'm new to your channel and I'm already in love with your video's
    Btw love you

  10. hi lexi!!! I messaged you on instagram like a couple weeks ago idk. keep up with the great videos girl <3 also I start college this august and I’m so excited! what from the upcoming year at college are you excited for? 💜💜

  11. Hi Lexi! I have been watching a lot of your videos these last few weeks from when you were in your freshman year of college and I just want to say thank you for making them! I am going to be a peer mentor for incoming freshmen on my campus next semester and it is really nice to be able to watch day/week/weekend in the life of a college freshman from a different POV. It helps to give me a lot of ideas and tips and tricks to help manage stress and better prepare for classes (your amazing note taking!), and ideas for what they can do on the weekend if they need help things to do. So thank you!!!

  12. These are such nice clothes. I was kinda sad to go back to school since I'm a senior in high school, but now I can be real cute. Thank you love your videos.😍

  13. Ahhh! Your videos are so amazing! When I watch your videos I am immediately uplifted! You’re mood is always amazing and I can’t wait to see the next videos that your going to come out with.😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. hey Lexiii, my favorite piece from this v id is the off white set! I just think its so cute & I love that its a set lol. Im so glad you mentioned your Spotify because I find myself putting on your playlists AND THEY DESERVE SOME MORE HYPEEE

  15. New subscriber!!! I love your videos! you are always full of energy and i’m so glad i found your channel:)

  16. Cardigans arnt weird 🤣 I wear them all year round 😄

  17. I recently started watching your videos! I am going to college as a freshmen next month and your videos are helping so much! I am from North Dakota and we are very closed off. I love your lifestyle and it is so influential to see things like your videos! 💕 I feel like we would get along great!

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