Swimsuit/ Bikini tryon haul! Trying on the new pretty little thing Dubai collection swimsuits and Bikinis

Discount universe swimsuit/festival try on haul – https://youtu.be/6_2JChYWvUM
Pretty little thing Tropical swimsuit try on haul – https://youtu.be/FMfOY7cH0Gg
Oh Polly swimsuit try on haul – https://youtu.be/O8ACLQ63EZw
Pretty little thing X jlo collection haul – https://youtu.be/XooQ9CMVsLU
Pretty little thing FAIL haul – https://youtu.be/dZszMPP624w

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White and brown lace front swimsuit – SOLD OUT
Khaki green fringe bikini top – SOLD OUT
Khaki green fringe bikini bottoms – SOLD OUT
Gold bamboo swimsuit – SOLD OUT
Gold tie front kimono – https://www.prettylittlething.com/gold-metallic-short-kimono.html
Green snake detail bikini top – https://www.prettylittlething.com/green-metallic-snake-trim-bikini-top.html
Green snake detail bikini bottoms – https://www.prettylittlething.com/green-metallic-snake-trim-bikini-bottoms.html
Green fringe mini skirt – SOLD OUT
Filming Equipment
Newer ringlight: https://amzn.to/2Yg1edx
Camera Canon 700D/ Rebel T5i: https://amzn.to/2NgKmSZ
Soft boxes: https://amzn.to/2RD6hSF
Lenovo laptop: https://amzn.to/2NeUDPr

Editing: Davinci Resolve and its FREE!!
INSTA – @annastasha_re


40 thoughts on “A very glam ALIEXPRESS HIGH HEEL HAUL

  1. At 7:23 : this little hook goes beyond the buckle (the latter has no more function but to adjust the overall length). So, strap the buckle around your ankle, bring forward the hook-end and hook it on the strap before the buckle – then it sits perfectly. This "system" is quite usable as it is usually quicker in getting in and out of your shoes, plus you don't put so much strain on the strap where the buckle sits – your heels won't look "worn-up" so soon.
    As for your haul: Your taste in heels (apart from that pseudo-Gucci boots) is gorgeous – just my thing !
    The pink and golden sandals with the metal decoration are sexy as f*ck !
    The original is from Giuseppe Zanotti and you can get this style as a "slighty used" shoe in black with golden metal applications for just 534 € – guessing from your accent this would be 1000,82 NZD !
    If you want them all new, you'd have to deal with a whopping 1595 € (2989,65 NZD) for a pair in all black !!

    Greetings from a fellow heels-lover.

  2. Those gold shoes at 13:00 would be the perfect goddess/warrior princess/Olympian costume shoes. Like I think of the Goddess Nike when I see those. Or even Cupid. I’m also eating a Greek salad right now, so that could be the reason.

  3. The last 2 pair remind me of shoes that Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City would wear.
    They remind me of the feathered ones she wore in the episode where Miranda’s water breaks on her shoes. No, I don’t know that show well….

  4. My only concern from buying shoes online is finding the right size and fit. I buy regularly on ALI but never bought shoes, because I am not sure that Chinese size would fit, even measuring the feet and checking they measure table. How did you choose your size?

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