34 thoughts on “HONEST Gymshark Swimwear Review! | Bikini Try-On Haul 2019

  1. Lol so funny you mentioned Jergens self tanner caaause I’m def self tanning with the mousse in deep bronze right now 😂 I am VERY pale and I think it looks better, lasts longer, & fades better than Loving Tan 2 hr express. I will say, I wear plastic gloves rather than use a mit to apply (except on my face I use a brush) because it doesn’t waste as much product. Good luck my fellow fair skinned friend 😜

  2. Please tell me you will be reviewing their new collection that's being released on the 25th?! The colors look so fun but I need your opinion if they are worth it first of course!

  3. You look great but the swimsuits are meh. I think one pieces are especially tricky for tall girls with long torsos. That’s why the blue one was pulling away from your back. ( I’m your height and always end up with two pieces for a better fit even though I prefer a one piece suit).

  4. This collection was such a let down! I loved the zip up bikini top from the last launch so much that i got it in the maroon and black but none of these excited me at all!

  5. i actually like the swimwear! and i feel the same way about the one piece! those gaps r so annoying so i never buy one pieces even tho they can be so cute 🙁 love ur videos they always help me decide what i should and shouldn’t buy!! 🥰

  6. Gymshark did not nailed the swimsuits at all. They need to stick to active wear in my opinion! The swimsuits are overpriced and not flattering so its a NO 👎🏼 for me! Love all your videos ❤️

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