31 thoughts on “ROMWE TRY-ON HAUL

  1. Hi friends! After reading a lot of comments from you saying that these sites practice unethical labor practices I will not be doing more of these videos – if I had known that I wouldn't have ever shopped here! So overall I cannot recommend that you guys buy from here either! I love you guys and thank you to those that informed me about this!! xo

  2. I am now just watching this video am in love with the heart cutout shirt but cannot find it! Do you remember if it was called a certain name? Thanks! Love your content ❤️

  3. From every single Romwe haul I’ve watched, they have included a Shein product with the package. I don’t know if they include it, replace it for an item in your order, or that item is just by shein but I just thought that you would enjoy to know 😇 I hope you enjoy, and I think everything you bought looked good on you/would look good on you! Love your channel 😍

  4. Most brands manufacture they’re clothes in countries like Indonesia which don’t have very strict laws on things like employee safety. So it is cheaper to do it there and they won’t get in trouble for not treating they’re workers right ! However most companies that u have mentioned have released statements saying they will try to improve from now on !! 👌🏻

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