27 thoughts on “HUGE WALMART TRY ON HAUL 2020 | SPRING + SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS | #walmarthaul #walmartfashion

  1. that skirt loooks so goood that I want one and I'm a man, thanks for the motivation to wear skirts loooks cute tho !

  2. Did you have to size down in the boyfriend jeans? I know sometimes they can run bigger

  3. Love some of these items, and yes girl it’s is the lady that comes out in that show you said.

  4. Like
    Back me

  5. Ok you sold me! Your Walmart haul is as cute as many boutiques! I need to take a look at Walmart again..👠👙

  6. You always find the cutest stuff at Walmart! It amazes me every time! I need that denim skirt and those Steve Madden dupes wow!

  7. Great job! I’m much older than you but I would buy quite a few of these adorable outfits! Got to get the frayed jeans!

  8. Just found your channel and love your Walmarr Haul. Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Ashlee. Enjoyed your haul. Could you tell me the fabric content on the Chambray button down? I TOTALLY agree everyone must have one, a total staple piece. Wear with: White denim, black denim, red pants, shorts, you can wear as a jacket, under a cardi…GET Yo Self One today! : ) I have so many and buy a JCrew every year-@ $80. Egads! How cool if this one fit my wish list. Thanks!

  10. Love those outfits specially the denim skirt at 9:52 ❤ I also do Try on Hauls from the Philippines. #4170 Hope you do the same 😉

  11. Hi Ashlee…..I seem to have a problem with the Wal-Mart site because when I add an item to the order and then decide I want to delete it, I cannot find a way to remove it from my order. What am I doing wrong? Thanks sweetie 💟💜💟

  12. my fav look was the midi skirt with the graphic tee. What undergarments do you wear with that skirt? the material seems like it would show every lump and bump.

  13. Love all the shoes and the last outfit is my fav. Love your style and thanks for sharing!

  14. Great haul and tips today. I did not see much of anything in my local store last week…knowing about using Walmart's website helps!

  15. You are sad if you don't know who Sophia Vergada is. You sound it dumb. Getting off you blog. Sorry. Don't like stupid ppl

  16. Love the jeans you hauled. Cute shoes too. Thanks for sharing!🙂

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