Diwali SHEIN SALE HAUL | Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Bags, Home | Super style Tips

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, in this video i will share with you all my latest Diwali Shein haul, so you”ll see some affordable tops, bottoms, some …


35 thoughts on “A VERY GLAM WISH SHOE HAUL!!

  1. So i feel less stressed and anxious for real i know might sound weird being in quarantine it’s awful and then i found out about this channel and its odd i feel like this girls its like a friend the way she communicate is so cute funny smart silly yet not abnormally fake and no shade to others in usa but Canada has really great YouTube rssss sick and tired of the loud over produced Americans periodt btw i Am mexican

  2. I just wanna note that alot of fur things from cheap chinese sites are often made of rabbit fur, so please be careful on what you buy if you don’t want rabbit fur lol

  3. I run into your channel randomly and after watching some videos I saw this one and after the Alaska’s song you got me!!😂😍 you’re super funny and beautiful too😘 just subscribed

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