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Today’s video is a Bikini Haul and all of these swimsuits are from Zaful. I wanted to film this video to show you all how these bikinis fit me and what I think about them. I know that I definitely stress out about ordering anything online because sizes and fit can vary so much so I hope you found this video helpful and informative. I really hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next one!

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BUST: 32
HIPS: 35

I wrote some thoughts I have about fast fashion below if anyone is interested.

While fast fashion is something I consume occasionally because financially, sustainable brands are not always feasible, (besides thrifting) I am working to lead a more conscious lifestyle working to regulate and lessen my carbon footprint in textile manufacturing and consumption but also my footprint on earth both through fashion and lifestyle. Now, if I decide to consume something through fast fashion it has to be something worth it to me and something I see myself using or wearing long term. Fast fashion is a complex conversation which overlaps with race, class, and access. If you have the means to avoid and denounce fast fashion I encourage you to do so. However, there are many individuals who, due to low income and systemic economic disadvantage and racism, rely on the prices and placement of fast fashion in order to consume clothing. Let’s remember that thrift stores are not accessible to all people, and that if you do thrift, you’re being conscious of not over consuming as there are people who rely on those thrift stores as their main intake of clothing.

Personally I believe that unless you know someone else’s financial status exactly, which most likely you won’t, shaming someone for purchasing fast fashion is less effective than having an informative and meaningful conversation with them about it instead.

A way to be sustainable is to consume less. To buy things intentionally, consciously and with the intent of longevity. Recently I also listened to a recording about focusing on liberating garment workers and advocating for the rights of factory workers all over the world which I will link. As much as individual choices are productive so are channeling resources into awareness and support for the individuals suffering under the hands of oppressive companies and working conditions (mostly women and children of color). I definitely think focusing on individual intake matters, but we also need to abolish or at least reform the systems that allow fast fashion to continue with or without your contribution.

Everyone’s journey is imperfect but we can try our best. My journey with fashion is one that brings me great joy and also worry and fear. I have a great responsibility as we all do to protect this planet and to protect marginalized people when injustices are occurring against them. I will try my best to continue learning, growing and doing just that. I hope you will with me and we can help, educate, and support each other.

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