44 thoughts on “HUGE TRY ON HAUL ft Crystal Munford | Rainbow, Fashionova & More TRYON

  1. I definitely would rock these looks for sure these are very cute my favorite was the yellow one 😍😍🙃

  2. Hello pretty, bwt I like the yellow jacket and they look really good on you. Do have a wonderful day

  3. Yasssss mama.. I love love love those outfits and the names for the days were real creative too… Looks like you had lots of fun doing this vid

  4. I loved the names you came up with to name the outfits how cute 😍 I was definitely feeling Spicy Monday. tfs hun

  5. I love these outfits! specially the first one! I like the top with the flowers on it!

  6. Yes I want to be my own boss so I can wear whatever I want😂😂😂Twists look so so good on you. Well so does everything else. I love all the outfits. The yellow blazer is super cute. Love the background music. The first little black heel sandals are gorgeous. Love the green jacket look most with the black slacks. Flex it out girl💪🏾😄 I really love the floral top

  7. Wow awesome collab I love it Shay💝💞😊An that's a lovely top your wearing an cute outfits they absolutely look fantastic an fabulous on u keep shining👍😘😍

  8. At 1st I was like am I lost when I saw your friend 😂😂I had to check if i am at the right place. I love outfit number 1.great body. I love earthly Tuesday or Wednesday tht green blazer took my heart nd the off shoulder top and the sunshine one… Please for my sake lets do fashion videos since I dnt have hair😭

  9. Very nice!!! Well done vlog… I need to go shopping… xoxo JusBuTTer

  10. that pause @ 2:11 though! haha! 😆😆 You were like, "Ummm….what was I about to do?"
    The pineapple outfit looks cute on you sis and I see you showing us your dance moves! Get your groove on! 😀

  11. Great collab video, I'm visiting from Crystals channel. The outfits were all so cute!!!

  12. Wow nice outfits love your shoes & ankle boots love the black tee wear did you get that from #14

  13. Like 13. Great collab!! I really loved all the outfits. I loved the floral top. Looks so cute on you!! Beautiful lady!!

  14. The pineapple top is too cute!! And you Wednesday outfit was super put together I would go to a job interview in something like that. Friday outfit was simple and cute. Loved all of them actually

  15. All of then are nice but 1st and second are my favorite eeeeee.beautiful.more more video plz.tfs

  16. You are so silly, amazing outfit for a office, I loved 💖

    A new little friend here! 💖

    I hope to see you on my channel very soon 😍

    Don’t forget to leave me a message about my last video and remember to turn on the bell 🛎 so you can enjoy my new videos, a GREAT HUG 🤗

  17. yess very nice collab loved your outfits so cute and nice!!! thank you for sharing!!

  18. That floral top is legit soo cute… I love all the outfits, people that actually dress up. If I did a video like this, it would just be several colors of hoodies 😩

  19. Nice collab. 😂😂😂you're so silly. you look cute in every outfit. I love the pineapple shirt with the khaki pants 💜

  20. FIRST! Yes for collab!! I will def give your friend some love! You are looking beautiful as always!

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