Cheap and Trendy Crop Tops and Sports Bras // Try on // Spring 2017

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34 thoughts on “Swimsuit/Summer Try-On Clothing Haul!

  1. The flowered dresses are beautiful!! The shorts are cuuuuute! So is the skirt set! The blue bikini is pretty. The pink one is very beautiful! The striped one piece is pretty. I love the green and white one! The last one is very beautiful!

  2. Ugh itโ€™s so disgusting how many creeps comment on this video -_- Good grief canโ€™t a girl do a clothing haul without a bunch of pigs watching ๐Ÿ˜ž But anyways, great video! I was wondering about their swimsuits and if they were worth trying out so this helped.

  3. Very nice array of bikinis and others. They all looked great on you. Why is it that I do not see women with nice bikinis like that on the beach? Is selecting bikinis for the body type that hard to get it right? And you make that look so easy.

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