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A special shoutout to BLACKBOUGH for being the first company i have worked with so far! These swimsuits are amazing and look GREAT!!

Use code: TAYLORWILLIAMS for 10% off!

Paris Top / FLAME (S)
Paris Bottoms / FLAME (M)
Riri Top / STONE GRAY (S)
Riri Bottoms / STONE GRAY (M)
Sophia Top / MANGO (S)
Brooke Bottoms / MANGO (M)
Taylor Top / WHITE (S)
Taylor Bottoms / WHITE (M)
Bonnie Top / SUNBURST (S)
Paris Bottoms /SUNBURST (M)

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Twitter: Taywxxo
Snapchat: Taywxxo

Common Questions:
Age? 23
Camera? Iphone XS MAX
How tall are you? 5’6
Editor? Final Cut Pro

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38 thoughts on “SHEIN TRYON HAUL!!

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  2. 🌹Love This VideO As AlwayS🌹
    Everything LooK Amazing On You Yesss GurL I See YoU😁😁💣😘😘
    Tbh I love All Of Them On YoU🤗
    😊Body Is FuckinG SnatcheD😊
    FucK Dat Booty PokinG😋👀💣
    Sooo DamN GorgeouS SexY asF
    Makeup is FuckinG Popping
    Hope you HavE a Amazing Week

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