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A special shoutout to BLACKBOUGH for being the first company i have worked with so far! These swimsuits are amazing and look GREAT!!

Use code: TAYLORWILLIAMS for 10% off!

Paris Top / FLAME (S)
Paris Bottoms / FLAME (M)
Riri Top / STONE GRAY (S)
Riri Bottoms / STONE GRAY (M)
Sophia Top / MANGO (S)
Brooke Bottoms / MANGO (M)
Taylor Top / WHITE (S)
Taylor Bottoms / WHITE (M)
Bonnie Top / SUNBURST (S)
Paris Bottoms /SUNBURST (M)

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29 thoughts on “ASOS HAUL AND TRY ON | Summer events, Weddings and Races

  1. You are officially my idol. I want to be you when I will have your age 🥰

  2. Hi, can I use your video for my non-budget fashion video? Just a few seconds only

  3. New here on your channel …. amaizing style , love all the dresses , will get one of them 😍😍😍

  4. The last dress would of liked to see all of it was always just showing bits of it.

  5. I was sooo happy when you said you're an ex ballerina! I'm a dancer and all the way through the video i was thinking "her arches are UNREAL! She's got to have done ballet!!!" haha x Loved the video ❤️

  6. Love all of these dresses, especially the last one! What I love even more is seeing you walking in them

  7. you look like a russian queen, your face look soooo russian idk why xD you are stunning

  8. Omg absolutely love these outfits!! ALSO, WHAT IS THAT AWESOME INTRO SONG and the songs you had for the looks?! They’re all so amazing!!

  9. So classy and stylish and dresses and skirts i agree they are great for those specail events love them Donna xx

  10. Dear Laura, you are such a goddess!! 😍 you are getting more and more beautiful every day! I really hope that one day a prince will come an treat you the way you deserve it ❤
    lots of Kisses Nina 💕

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