43 thoughts on “Top Silicone Rechargeable Sex Toys | Adam and Eve Silicone Sex Toys Haul and Review

  1. 100% Water-Resistant, easy to Clean, to be used in the Bath & Shower.

  2. I think it will satisfy anyone since there's sooo many options and settings. Really glad I bought this massager!

  3. Don’t hesitate…Buy this product! Compared to other similar items, for the price, this thing is amazing.

  4. My girlfriend really loves using Wild Orchid sex toy, it's her best sex toy!

  5. You bring that much sex toys when you travel? Having a company to eat out with, drink wine with and have tons of fun in the bed is still the best than all of that toys combined. Just saying.

  6. No doubt, these are one of the best sex toys for women. I enjoy watching your review, nicely done!

  7. I wish I have your suitcase with all these toys for women. I need to get a new vibrator I guess 🙂

  8. My favorite sexy toys for women is still Wand Massager. It works really amazing!

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