#bikini #tryon #haul Bikini Try On Haul Pretty Little Things #prettylittlethings #summer #2020

#bikini #tryon #haul Bikini Try On Haul Pretty Little Things #prettylittlethings #summer #2020

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34 thoughts on “Fashion Nova Bikini Try On Haul & REVIEW | Worth the 💸??

  1. Your mom's commentary made this video so much better! It was already a great video but she was a definite highlight for me.

  2. as soon as I heard this had been demonetized I wanted to skip over here and watch this 😍

  3. Girl this is insane!!! My dad is scared too, we havent left the house in 3 months and counting..filming for YouTube and being in school is whats keeping me sane. I hope ur followers can help keep u sane💛 ily!

  4. I live for your moms commentary, she’s the best hype man

  5. So annoyed this got demonetized. Dear YT, give Alana her money from their video and from that other video since she won her “case” against Sony.

  6. Darling I Love Your Ass 💘💘💘
    You Are The Most Beautiful And Very Sexy Girl Whole In The World 🍭🍭🍭
    May God Bless You 🥰
    Love From India ❣️❣️❣️

  7. Are you crazy go see your fiancé. if he doesn’t have the virus why would you not see him

  8. For the mesh cover up I love the look I just think that for petites it would be even more flattering if it was shorter with like a ruffled detail for the sleeves.

  9. The blue bikini and the long skirt are really pretty. Hopefully you and Steven can see each other really soon

  10. as a guy, watching your videos has made me love myself more, and i appreciate that. thank you so much!!

  11. One time I kept not getting notifications from a YouTuber and I was getting mad. Then I realized I hadn’t subscribed

  12. Your hair in this vid made you look so cute like Kelly kapowski form saved by the bell

  13. Lockdown is so much more serious in America, in Germany „normal life“ is already back, everyone goes shopping, buying groceries, to the beach and meets with friends at the lake etc. it must be so bad being locked inside of the own four walls for such a long time. I am so glad that everything goes back to normal in here.

  14. always love ur reviews! i NEVER get tired of them!! thanks for always keepin it real girl!! 💗💗

  15. Those haters that disliked this video please get a fucking life and learn to love yourself more 😓

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