#bikini #tryon #cupshe Bikini Try On Cupshe Haul Summer #haul #swimwear #underwear #2020

#bikini #tryon #cupshe Bikini Try On Cupshe Haul Summer #haul #swimwear #underwear #2020

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31 thoughts on “Micro bikini and swimsuit try on haul! Carlotta's most scandalous!

  1. I totally agree with Ashrf Ahmed…HOW IN D HELL CAN WE SEE WELL B MICRO & D MONOSTRINKINI if u keep covering it with your hands?…d TAPES & PADS are still not enough?…what's d point of showing NOTHING?…and den…your cameraman keep zooming your face…what for? We already know WHO U ARE & HOW U LOOK LIKE!!…IT doesn't make any sense!!…TAPES are already a NEGATIVE ISSUE taking away ALL D BEAUTY of your items!..TAPES & PADS (all in one) just makes it look like you have a PENIS down there!!…c'mon girl…u really think THAT is beautiful, sexy & fashionable?…pls…gv me a break!!😨😠

  2. This is what YouTube is supposed to be recommending, earlier it recommended me 2 gay dudes kissing and tasting ice cream, I’m like wtf???!!! Now I’m very happy, well done YouTube 👍👍👍👍

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