39 thoughts on “HONEST BIKINI TRY ON HAUL // Zaful Review

  1. HELLO SUPREME SQUAD! Hope you enjoyed this rather different video, excited/nervous to see what y'all think ^.^ <33 ps- posted a photo on my Insta of my favorite outfit I also got from Zaful, check it out @MsSupremeBanana (…was that a sly self promo or what?)

  2. This Video was Awesome, you look, Great and you are, too, Funny the Moves you make when trying certain Bikinis, have a Wonderful, Wednesday, night and thank you for making me Smile, you look, Beautiful, love, Diana Lipski 💕

  3. Yeah u could just wear the white top with different.bottoms ..they have the cute swim trunks for.girls now too they are short and so ADORABLE so u could get something like that and wear the white top …u have a great body though u are so PRETTY

  4. Somehow I am here 😅. You have a good fig and I like your spunky nature. Now my question is why you named you're channel supreme banana ? 😀

  5. GIRL, I TOTALLY GET IT WITH THE BIGGER BOTTOM AND A SMALLER TOP. Idk, I never rock anything with my t h i c c bottom half, and a top half of a 6 year old .-. Good thing I don't wear any bikinis, I always wear the swimsuits with the sleeves, don't judge. *i can hear people screaming because of my preferences, shut yo mouth I am 11 :< so I feel like a bag of potatas*

  6. We need more women being relatable, real, and being silly about their bodies instead of being sexual. So much body image confusion for women. I’d rather watch stuff like this than anything kardashian. I think everyone really gathered how good your intentions were w this video. Great job and awesome review.

  7. for the last tie up plaid one you said it was a large , was just wonder what your hip size and bra size is because i was looking into buying one and i was going to get medium but you look a bit more thin then i am , i'm 136 lbs so i was just asking your opinion 🤔

  8. You're an absolute babe. You're literally gorgeous. Your personality is even more attractive. I wish we could be friends. If you think to visit London, let's get lunch together. Why girls are not more like you? 🖤

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