39 thoughts on “👙BIKINI + ONE PIECE TRY-ON HAUL! CHEAP BUT ARE THEY GOOD?! Cupshe Honest Review

  1. Hi Emi, could you please make video about how you take care of your skin and especially underarms cos they look so smooth and flawless.

  2. You look so good in all of these swimsuits 😄 but what i would suggest for anyone thats buying from cupshe is to order from their aliexpress store, its twice as cheap and you get the same thing, just longer shipping time, so keep that in mind

  3. Hey Emi, just wondering how long did it take for your shipment?

    Btw love your workout videos, keep it up 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  4. Hey I'm still working out and stuff but what I want to do is go to a gym but idk if I'm to young I'm going to try to text u on instagram or something so I can see what I can do if u comment back thank you I really need help

  5. I really love the white/yellow piece and the pink bow one 🙂 I just recently bought a few two pieces though, I probably should have went with a one piece as well. Darn lol

  6. You have a killer bod! Everything looks so good except I'm with you on the blue ruffle one. That one was odd. I really like the first and last one.Overall, you look ah-mazing in all of them.

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