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44 thoughts on “Plus Size Lingerie Review Try On Haul with Hips & Curves

  1. I just stumbled upon this video and I must say, you are so incredibly cute and classy! This video made ME feel good in my own skin. You just made my day, your tone and mannerisms are so bubbly and refreshing! So much love! Thanks for bringing a ray of sunshine to my day and for your reviews!

  2. Girl you look FIRE in everything!!! I just bought a bunch of sets from hips and curves and eagerly awaiting my delivery! So in the mean time, looking at try on hauls! You look freaking great and I definitely dont have buyers remorse anymore!!

  3. I love you, fantastic human being! Thank you for a great review, and for inspiring me to be as confident in my body as you are in yours. You have a new subscriber right here, babe!

  4. I'm crying videos normally don't make me cry but this did. I was in pageants when I was younger and I still have the lowest self confidence and self esteem out of anybody in my family. I hate going bra shopping because nothing ever fits properly I hate going shopping in general because with the medical condition I have I can either gain a lot of weight within a few days or I lose weight and when I gain the weight most of the pants that are really baggy on me don't fit anymore and it breaks my heart cuz they're like 24 or 28 or something. and see you do this video and try on the items means the absolute world to me I love that you have such high confidence and high self-esteem and even when you said that used to be fat and your shoulders slumped and then you set up straight and Tall because you knew who you are and won't let anyone Take You Down I love that and I hope to see more videos like this cuz it's very opening to me

  5. I'm actually crying…videos rarely make me cry! I love your confident and your high self esteem. I was in packingtown I was little and I still don't have that I would have never made it here like this if I make it is and I'm so happy that you did and that website sounds amazing and now I know I have a place to go to actually find stuff to actually fit me

  6. I wish I discovered your channel years ago rather than just now!! My body is so similar to yours, I am just a little taller – and it is sooooo wonderful to see myself reflected back! I love watching your hauls and I am def gonna check out this brand. Ugh. Thanks for being a glorious diva! You're the cutest! ❤🦄🙌🥂

  7. You are gorgeous and so wonderful! Also, more Rocko!!! And yes, Hips & Curves saved a lot of us! I wish I could afford more of their stuff–it's so amazing, especially their Halloween collections. I really didn't know that ladies with boobs like us could wear bralets. I figured they'd tear off me like I was Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk.

  8. I love the chat about padding and sexy time! I am not blessed with a large bust but i totally agree with this! I love a soft touch bra in this instance. Sooo sexy 🙂 Love you lady!

  9. You look sooo confident in this video! I have been following you for 5+ years and I have noticed a huge transformation recently. You seam so happy and content latley. What ever your doing, you go girl! So happy to see you glow!

  10. FYI for anyone else just on the edge of plus sizing….nearly everything on the site – and in the video – actually starts at a size large/ 36D!! I’m especially excited about some of the lace bralette type styles as they are SO tough to find those types of styles as a 36DD!

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