Hey #teamnice! In deze video pas ik bikini’s van Calzedonia, Banana Moon en Hunkemoller . Laat me zeker weten welke jullie favoriet is VERGEET NIET TE …



  1. can someone tell me what size she is in jeans? I'm a size 10 and according to the sizing in gymshark im a large.. but she seems to have a similar body size to mine and she got a small so idk

  2. So this is a little late but whenever I’m stressed out I literally quote Steve Carell on ‘Evan Almighty’ when he is giving himself a pep talk in the mirror. “I am successful, I am powerful, I am handsome, I am happy. Successful, powerful, handsome, happy!” 😂😂😂 it always makes me feel better 10/10 recommended

  3. Hey kristi!! I’ve been back in the gym for 2 weeks now and I haven’t been happier. I not only switched gyms but also got a trainer. Having someone at the gym ( someone who helped me set up my trainer and gave me my assessment) who checks on how I’m doing every time I see her which is almost on the daily is so cool and nice of her. This morning when I saw her, I informed her I lost 3 pounds since last Monday when I first met with her. Seeing how happy she was for me made me believe there’s people out there who truly want to see you achieve and it’s nice and cool.

  4. What size pants do you wear? I’m a 10 (33 waist and 43 hips) and got medium leggings cause that’s the size I wear in all other workout leggings but these give me SUUUUPER 🐫 toe 😂😂😂

  5. i’ve been thinking so much about buying that pixi coat, but does it really keep you warm? anyone here knows if is does please tell me, coz it is quiet expensive just wanna know if it’s worth the splurge

  6. Was so upset I miss your face on YouTube on Tuesday ! Glad to see the vlog up !! Your blogs are amazing !! I think the best motivational quote I have heard was from a movie …. “bye buddy hope you find your dad “ ! Love you so much

  7. girl I FEEEEL YOU. For some reason, the end of this semester feels like its way worse than the end of any other. The amount of stress I'm feeling is crazy, but I've also been procrastinating way more than normal so idk whats up!!!! It's nice to know others feel the same. You got this!

  8. I haven't watched one of your vlogs in a while (I'm sorry college has me sooo busy) but girl you look so good!!!! <3 and that blue colour of the Gym Shark top looks amazing on you! Definitely your colour!
    Sending lots of love from Ireland xx

  9. We can all ride that struggle bus together. I love your vlogs so much. You have helped me see that I can eat healthy and work out well doing school. I have been watching you since pretty much when you started. You are the best

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