BIKINI HAUL TRY ON | Zaful, Topshop, 437 Swim ?!

Hey Lovely people! So this is my first bikini haul so go easy no negative vibes over ere! I am not being sponsored by ANY of these brands I am not getting paid …


39 thoughts on “I Tried FREE Sports Bras From // Hit or Miss??

  1. If I'm buying sports bras on wish, I'm a plus size, should i order a size bigger than the sizing chart. Is it better to get tighter bras than bras that are too big a d can't support your boobs.

  2. Omg when you referenced to that muppets video with Leo at the beginning it made me so happy!! I used to watch that video all the time when I was a kid and I totally forgot about it until now. So thank you!!

  3. I just found your vids , subbed right
    Away , big fan . BUT PLEASE tell me ! Are you saying description wrong in every video or am I loosing my mind !!??

  4. HIT ✋🏾OR MISS ❌I GUESS🤷🏾‍♀️ THEM NEVER MISS❌?!?! HUH🤷🏾‍♀️?! YOU 🙍‍♀️GOTTA BOYFRIEND 👱🏼‍♂️I BET HE NEVA 🙅🏼‍♂️ KISS 😘 YA 🙍‍♀️!! MWAH 💋 ! HE 👱🏼‍♂️GON FIND 🚶🏼‍♂️ANOTHA GIRL💁🏽‍♀️ AND HE WONT 🙍‍♀️ YAAA🙋🏼‍♂️!!!!!! HE GON SKIRT 🏃🏼‍♂️AND HIT THE DAB 🕺🏼LIKE WIZ KHALIFA💨💨!!!!!!!!!!!!!🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️💃💃💃💃💃 YOU 🤷‍♀️PLAY WITH THE BALL 🤤🤤LIKE ITS FIFA⚽️!!!!!! that’s all I know.

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