28 thoughts on “Try On Lingerie Haul | Adore Me

  1. When you have an amazing looking body I don't care what you're wearing everything looked on mazing on you and what I liked about it your make up your lipstick and everything matched the clothing That's one thing I love about a woman when they match top and bottom I dislike when they got black panties on and a white bra to me that's such a turn off but is the girl that soon the clothing that I enjoy you are very beautiful and very sexy please comment back keep up the good work you got sexy eyes

  2. I bought the exact Fauna and Riley set for my girlfriend at 2:40 and I am a VIP member at Adore Me! You look fantastic in everything but those are my favorites hence the reason I bought them too. …. Maybe you'll be wearing all of these with the shoe collection video?!?!.. Ah, a man can dream!

  3. You're so beautiful I get heart palpitations looking at you. That lipstick tho.

  4. I'm a make up artist and I think your make up is amazing!!!!you look fab girl x

  5. It doesn't matter which one you where you look gorgeous in all of them you're just so beautiful your presentation is awesome

  6. i know you have a Boyfriend Sweetie pie but if you need any help buckling up your Bra in the back if it gets snagged or you have any major issues with it just let me know

  7. Congratulations on your success!!! Keep it up! You really enjoy fashion and review nice! Hope Richmond is treating you well!

  8. I like your video and I like the bra and panties I'm a 32c and XL underwear

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