37 thoughts on “Bombshell Sportswear Try-On Haul | WIN FREE LEGGINGS!

  1. would have been good to see full length down to ankle. the blue is cute , they have new colors as well now

  2. I love that sports bra! May I ask what size you are wearing?

  3. I am a massive fan of these grey leggings with white stripes. I have been for a long time but don't own any yet. They fit you so well too😍 definitely would be my go-to gym leggings if I owned a pair.

  4. LOVED those high waisted monochromatic leggings! Looked sooo flattering😍

  5. All so cute, but my favorite is the black pair with the crop top!
    Instagram: Meg's Gonna get Healthy

  6. The grey thigh high leggings. 😍 I fell in love with them since I first saw them!

  7. They are all so cute on you! But my favorite is the gray knee socks leggings 😍😍😍

  8. I love the blue outfit with the attached leg warmers. I haven’t reached my fitness goals but I would feel comfortable wearing those blue leggings. Total 80’s vibes but so modern. Christine branching out with try ons, love it!

  9. Everything is so cute but I LOVE the knee sock leggings! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  10. I love the first look. I am getting closer to where I'll be comfortable in a crop top. 🙂

  11. I love the gray one with the black knee high socks. They are sooo fabulous!!!

  12. I loved the grey "knee high socks" leggings. They look amazing, and I find grey to be a a flattering color over all 😀

  13. i love the blue leggings… AND the loungewear 😍😍😍 philippians_4_13_mom on IG and just followed them

  14. My favorite leggings is the first one you showed. You are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing all this with us. ❤

  15. Girl your figure is to die for!!!! Looking so beautiful. My favorite piece was by far the classic black and grey knee high socked leggings <3

  16. Love ur figure! I already follow Bombshell😀 and love the blue high waist leggings!

  17. LOVE the blue high waisted leggings 😍. And the grey. But the blue 😉

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