42 thoughts on “NEW GYMSHARK RELEASES | Try on Haul | High Waisted Flex and more!

  1. “I have a lot more time & now I don’t know what to do with myself 😁”….” the sirens took 3 whole minutes & I don’t have all day to be filming 😊” 😂 I’m new to your channel & love your personality you’re so soft spoken & sweet 😭

  2. Do you mind sharing your measurements? I'm having a hard time choosing the right size for myself 😬 my waist says I should be a small/medium but my hips & length are extra small 😬 but I want those old black and grey flex shorts, so cute!

  3. I can’t believe we have the word “tape measure” and “measuring tape” and that they’re completely different things but also the same thing. What even is English haha

  4. Do you think the new og flex shorts are true to size? I never had a pair. Definitely buying new high waist flex tomorrow and I’m a medium in old versions, but I was curious about these other shorts

  5. Hello Natalie, I had lost faith in Gymshark years ago and now that they have came out with new release of their clothing that comes out on May 28th.

    I reserve the judgment on Gymshark. I am not going to lie, clothes has been improved a lot since I last saw them years ago! They looks fantastic, seriously!

    I am not ready to trust Gymshark again just yet. Or restore my faith in them. Still I like them all and how they look awesome on you! Especially bright gray/silver, the last outfit that you tried on. It was a great pants that I ever saw! I just can't tell you how much I love this leggings! 😍

    And where's her page you mentioned? 🤔 I am very curious looking into her page, of course! You look beautiful today. How long are you staying in California for? California is going downhill REAL fast! Hope you are safe amid coronavirus crisis!

    Take care, Natalie! And God bless you!

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