50 thoughts on “Primark Activewear Haul | Try on & Review!

  1. Why can't I find those leggings? 😞 not one of them, also I like you, you have amazing body, that booty and waist compare ❀ and I'm a new subscriber πŸ˜‰ can you please put a link for grey leggings, please, they are just perfect

  2. Omg !!! You're body is a goal !!!! ❀️😘😘😘
    And the last legging is so stunning !! I hope France Primark have this legging 😩

  3. tysm for doing a primark active haul which is way more affordable than gymshark stuff!! when you are a poor student and can just afford a gym membership it really helps! πŸ’—

  4. Be careful with the grey leggings, I wore them to the gym and the whole inside of the seam ripped and I was basically not wearing any leggings πŸ˜‚ I only wore them for around a month as well!!

  5. In Italy we don't have Primark..this is not fair, but thanks for showing us all those beautiful clothes, they fit you perfectly!! Kisses from Rome girl, you should come one day xxx

  6. i have the active leggings in all colours and i agree, they are amazing! but the last ones you showed… totally agree they make your butt look great BUT they have the seam at the front that gives you the worst camel toe. so gutted! they had to go back πŸ™

    great channel though! xx

  7. thanks for making these videos!!! you inspired to begin my own channel. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ check it out & i'm looking for new youtubers to subscribe toooooo❀️❀️❀️

  8. I love primark active wear it's so affordable and yes I need the boobs pads too. Matalan also has some great active wear too I've had a pair of leggings from there for years now and they're soo comfy.

  9. Is the Peach Plan for total beginners? If I already go to the gym, would you still start at the beginning of the program? Love your content as always Meggan : )) You are way too perfect.

  10. I just find it so funny… in Irish we have always called Primark Penneys and that's what it says on the building everyone else calls it primark haha!

  11. Love the content as always! I can never find the joggers when I go to primark! I 100% thought I'd got a pair then when I tried them on they deffo weren't the same as yours because they didn't have the high waist. I will keep hunting! ❀️

  12. right, i honestly saw like 3 people walking around town the other day with the grey leggings on and i kept saying to me boyfriend "where are all these people getting them gym leggings from i need!" πŸ˜‚ so thank you for this haul, i'll be heading to primark soon for sure

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