25 thoughts on “huge fitness / workout haul! i bought new gym clothes hehe

  1. I completely agree with the leftover salad thing. I don’t understand why people hate eating it so much.

  2. Love the intro! Haha i havent been here in a while maybe a few years😅

  3. i stopped watching youtube for like 8 months and now i’m watching all of alisha’s vlogs from after vlogmas (i watched that i think)

  4. Am I the only person who loves this intro? Like I would literally rewind it and watch the intro alone like 10 times.

  5. You should be comfortable putting out your feellings I love your videos I hope your reading this.

  6. I don't know why but I found it so refreshing that Alisha said she wears a medium in clothing because a lot of the other YouTubers I'm subscribed to wear xs or smalls and it can sometimes make me feel inadequate. Like I know that isn't the goal of them to make me feel that way but sometimes it's nice to see someone who also has my same body type working so hard on herself. I hope I am conveying this message the right way and not offending anyone.

  7. i'm supposed to be studying for my science exam tomorrow but omg i cant stop watching all alisha's videos, i'm an alisha addict!!!

  8. can anyone else appreciate that alisha’s aesthetic is literally a baby shower. bc same

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