14 thoughts on “AMAZON ACTIVEWEAR TRY-ON HAUL!! | Amazon Items You Need!

  1. I've wanted to purchase a few activewear from them for awhile but wasn't sure about the fits and fabrics. They're cute

  2. I was just looking for some good inexpensive active wear. Looks so good on you! Thanks!

  3. Thank you ! Definitely going to order some stuff 😊May I ask what size you are in pants/jeans ? It will help me in knowing what size to get . You look super cute 😊

  4. I am literally addicted to seamless leggings. I love the high waist compression for these summer workouts. Squat and lunge proof! I like the way the lavender and the wine colored sets look on you.

  5. I just started watching your vlogs and your sooooooo good at this like I love your channel I thought no one could compare to sundailove’s vlogs but girl you did it I love both of y’all a vlogs like I watched a lot of your videos last night just because your good at what you did I just started my channel but one day ima get on your level wit the editing like I love your channel already!!!

    Sincerely, new subbie 🥰

  6. You must have known I just got my gymshark order, and Im not impressed!

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