All Yellow Lingerie Try on Haul

Trying on a bunch of yellow lingerie- not my typical color, but works well in the spring and summer time. Most of this stuff was from amazon, which is usually a miss!!! haha

RIP Gwangi the pug. The sweetest girl to have ever lived.

I prerecorded a lot of videos when I found out I was pregnant. It makes me so sad, because our sweet pug was in most of the videos… but I am also really glad that I have them. She was so sweet. I would do anything to have her whining in the background of my videos again.

Also, I will be ditching the wigs when I start recording again. Hair extensions are where it’s at 😛

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49 thoughts on “Adam & Eve Plus size lingerie haul + try-on

  1. Girly I love you. You’ve made me feel so confident in myself and I love you and your videos keep up the good work. I’m sorry there are so many creeps in the comments.

  2. Finally a recommended I actually wanna watch. Thanks YouTube. I'm a size 14/16 and neverous about sizing on websites, but feeling better after watching you. Adam & Eve have great quality toys so now I wanna dig deeper into their lingerie. Thanks for your hard work. Totally binging your videos in my downtime. Loooove them!

  3. With videos like this you'll have to do alot of blocking etc but it actually helps because this stuff costs too much not to know how it fits

  4. I just found your channel and have been binging your try on hauls! I love the pieces, but I am not plus size, I usually wear a medium or large depending on the brand. Is this website only for plus size bodies? Also, I did see another video where you talked about how a lot of weird foreign men commented on this video in particular, and made you uncomfortable and disappointed because of course they arent your target audience, i'm sorry about it 🙁 However, I just wanted to tell you that I am sure many other girls watched this, loved it and found it helpful! They just didnt leave a comment. Just because they didnt comment, doesnt mean they dont exist! I hope you dont give up and that your channel keeps growing. You have a lovely personality and I wish you the best

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