21 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Shopping VLOG & Tryon ! | New Year's Dress Shopping | Try On Haul

  1. Already watched From your first video to this video, and let me just say that I LOVE both your personalities! ❤️ Love the clothes you picked up, looks so good! And B&BW is my favorite place ✨❤️ Can’t Wait to see what the future holds for you two and I certainly can’t wait for ore future videos. Gained a new subie for sure ☺️💛

  2. I'm glad I stopped by your channel to see if you had any new content something is been going on with the notifications I have my notification bill on and it didn't let me know that you uploaded so I'm glad I stopped by I absolutely love both of your Styles you're both absolutely beautiful I love your jewelry I love just how you do things I love watching your videos basically thanks for having me and I'll be here next time you upload

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