36 thoughts on “Sexy Bikini Try On Haul Summer 2020 🔥 *super affordable!

  1. Unfortunately the thumbnail was taken down due to too much revealing-ness 🥺

  2. grace your freaking gorgeous! go off queen🤩❤️ goddess right here yallsss

  3. The way Grac is feeling herself is everything ! You look amazing 😭😭😭❤

  4. I love all the dresses specially the baby blue one. i don’t like items that are revealing so i’d probably wear something over it.

  5. Grace looks good in bikinis
    Nah nah nah ….waittttt
    Bikinis looks good on Grace
    That's all😚

  6. Hey grace. Can you talk about the recent huge disgusting controversy surrounding Won Nation. I feel like its not getting any social media or mainstream media coverage. And a korean perspective is needed badly on this considering the recent BLM events.

  7. Hi can you do a "What is it like living in kpop trainee dorms" i just think it's really interesting how idolsin their trainee days get along and what are the dorm rules and what the system there is like. Thank you unnie❤

  8. Your so confident I need to be that confident…
    I wanna go to the beach so bad I also wished I had a pool.

  9. me before watching this: I have no butt, its bone.

    me after watching this: what is a butt, what is a body, there is literally nothing-

  10. GIRL! GET IT! BURN IT UP HUN! YOU LOOK FIRE 🔥! And the haul is sick! I love it! Imma have to check them out! Flaunt it while you got it, and even after you don't anymore. FLAUNT IT! 😜🤪♥️♥️👸👑

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