1. Gymshark has found with you a dream ambassador, these tight-fitting outfits are like a second skin for you. But alas it does not have the same effect on all women …

  2. 2:48 What's wrong with it? The front part is okay but the back part SHOULD BE smaller, it should be a thong!

  3. I really appreciate you doing this try-on. Us curvy-tall girls need to stick together haha!

  4. Thank you so much for this video! And girl don't you apologize for cellulite! We all got it, especially us curvy girls. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. awsome and great video yami…love to watch your videos all the time…huge big fan of you….

  6. They look like they are made for super tiny chicks. You have a great body and they are just not flattering at all. I think they missed the mark with this line

  7. OMG I loooove the black bliss bikini top on you!!!! when the restock happens, get the bottoms!! so freaking cute and flattering

  8. I liked the 1st suit in the front. The last top was the cutest! None of the bottoms did you any justice for your beautiful body!!

  9. That last top is so cute! I didn’t buy any Gymshark swim, but the ribbed suit looks super cute! I didn’t buy any swim stuff because I was scared how much they hyped it up and how everything looked amazing on their athletes…but none of them have a similar body type to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. ehhh i'm not a fan of any of those bikinis (well, wait – the last top was actually cute). on a side note – your body is amaazziiinngg girl!

  11. They need to hire models with your body type so they can make clothing with people who actually have curves. Its a no for me.

  12. 2:51 looks really good, in terms of the way it looks on you, its much better than the last, nothing wrong with the back – you are the best at showing your butt, love the way you turn around

  13. The first one is actually very flattering on you. I didn’t give in on the hype this time 😐

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