Activewear Haul [Balance Athletica, Queenie Ke] & WEAR TEST [Gymshark Seamless]

yaaaas for activewear and wear tests! what should I try out next? let me knoooowww xx, Shelby PRODUCTS MENTIONED/WEAR TEST: Camo Leggings (these …



  1. I got a peak of the camp pullover a while ago and I must say I'm kind of surprised by the cut outs by the elbow?? That makes me not want to get it because I'm unsure of how that will look on me, which is a shame because I actually like the pattern!

  2. Love this beautiful collection!!!! I have never tried gymshark but I have been looking for new workout gear.. seriously want to try this brand now

  3. Hey girl! Jw something about the tank top at 15:00 mins. It's like a coral color. I thought it would be releasing today with everything else but I don't see it on the website. Do you know when it will be available? I absolutely love it! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Definitely love this video
    😻That thumbnail tho😻
    Everything Look Sexy asf on u
    😋😋Yessss gurl i see you😁😁
    Your Body Tho😁😁👀💋💋
    Fuck Dat Booty look Gud🤗👀👅
    DamN u beautiful sexy asf😗🔥
    Makeup look good
    Hope u enjoying your Spectular WeeK

  5. Sophie you always come with amazing content as always. Love the pink leggings they are just cute on you they do so much for your sexy curves especially the 🍑 the purple one's I love them also. Keep doing you Sophie and stay true to yourself lovely 🔥🔥😘

  6. You are so beautiful! Love your honesty, positivity, and everything you stand for! Thank you for taking the time to film and upload this video so quickly.

    Everything looks so great on you!!! 😍 As women, we have pressure to have smaller sizing and we tend to compare ourselves to others, so I love that you’re comfortable with sizing up from XS to S and broadcasting that. ✨

    Love you, Sophie! Thank you!!!

  7. Ooooooo Gymshark really stepping up there game 😄😄 that patterned sweater is 😍😍 defo getting that it’s a statement piece and I’m here for it 😄😄

  8. Hey guys, although I am sponsored by Gymshark, my opinions are honest and my own.
    It was such fun to film! Let me know what your fave piece/outfit is…. 👇🏻 xx

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