a *cheeky* bikini haul try-on summer 2020 (hawaii edition)

a huge *cheeky* bikini haul try-on summer 2020 (hawaii edition) I’ve been waiting SO long for this haul, I hope ya enjoyed it! I love my cheeky bikinis but everywhere has different styles & this is the style in hawaii 🙂 comment below if I should do a collection video in the summer!
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San Lorenzo:
Kulanis Kinis:
Frankies Bikinis:
The Girl & The Water:

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✰ F A Q ✰
age: 19 (born in 2000)
height: I’m 5’8”
ethnicity: Filipino, Portuguese, Italian, Hawaiian + a lot more haha I’m very mixed!
where are you from? I was born & raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i
what do you use to edit? final cut pro x

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8 thoughts on “Charity Thrift Haul Autumn Wear #tryonhaul

  1. Those prices are amazing. They would be at least three times that in the charity shops near me. Not that I've ever seen anything of that quality. You look good in everything, particularly love the spotted blouse.

  2. Everything looks great on you wee happy Gaby 😉. I think there's just such a stigma about charity shops..I love going in them! My mum got me a beautiful olive green suede and leather jacket about 15 yrs ago…and it's still going strong x

  3. Omg Gab! That black Boohoo dress 😍 you look stunning Girl! I know you said you never look on there but have a peek. I got a beautiful leather jacket a while ago which I love for a fraction of the price from others I've seen. Hope you're good darling xxx

  4. Loved all your finds and the prices were amazing. Charity shops are a little bit hit and miss these days, a lot of them have caught on that it's become a trend ( mainly because of youtube vloggers ) and priced up their goods to meet demand, so instead of paying 1.50 for a top like you did, they sell for £5-6 for a even a basic primark or newlook teeshirt or blouse, and £10 for anything remotely high street premium, like a Topshop, JCrew,Jigsaw, Warehouse, Hobbs etc they must look up the values online before pricing up..when you find a good shop though, you can often find a lot of thrifted clothes are of reasonable quality (due to throwaway wear it once fashion), the owners know that some people will pay the bit extra as it's for a good cause as well. But the thing that grates me is that there is also a trend where ppl are buying up cheap clothing, esp quality brands or premium label clothing and then are craftily reselling it on Ebay to make a profit – no intention of wearing themselves. It's quite bad as theres lots of ppl on a low budget or benefits who need 2nd hand clothes for themselves or their children and it's a bit sad to see a charity shop depleted of decent clothing. There are some shops that just sell clothes that are bobbly and so unfashionable, it's hard to know the right time to catch all the good stuff. sometimes it's just luck. Extremely rare these days to find a shop like the one you found, they were great finds, the black dress suited you best. ♡

  5. I love the navy polka dot dress and the black one you sure got a lot of treasure in the charity shops gaby well done!😀❤❤💋💋 xxx

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