49 thoughts on “WALMART OUTFITS! WALMART TRY ON HAUL 2019 | Alexandra Beuter

  1. Wow Alexandra you are looking very nice beautiful in all of the clothes as well as your hair body makeup nailpolish eye lashes lipstick skin eyes smile earrings are quite pretty amazing and fantastic video well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

  2. While I do not thrift shop or use 2nd hand clothes… I am very thrifty with my clothes and handbags as half the time I end up donating my things even when unused or with tags when I do my seasonal decluttering… if I get into one of my decluttering moods. 😕

    I love a bargain!!

    I have no problem with purchasing clothes at Walmart as they have had great inventory the last few years especially with their Winter clothes… not handbags yet. 😝 Lol

  3. I just stumbled onto you. Good video. I have “ style” questions… ok so I got a jean jacket from Aeropostale a large fit like your leopard one but the lady in the store and my daughter told me “ no it’s to small it won’t close over your boobs” should I take it back? Also I just lost 35 lbs!! I have been tying my “ tees” should I not do this for winter? I’m 41 divorced & trying to start to find my style

  4. I am so happy I found this! I am 24 weeks and starting to need some new clothes. I was feeling a bit bad for not not fitting anything and now I want to go shopping!!!

  5. I'm wearing a pair of NB jeans from Walmart. Never in my wildest dreams I paid 17 dollars for a pair that fits to a T. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks amazing on you! You're beautiful!

  6. They have definitely stepped it up in the last couple of years! I do love that they have som decent dupes for shoes too because I just don’t understand the hype for the golden goose sneakers! But my daughter would love those haha!

  7. I believe that grey “dress you called it “ is actually a cardigan. I have it and I used it as a cardigan and most YouTubers say that’s a cardigan too but you gave me an idea to use it as a dress too ! And you look so beautiful pregnant 🤰🏼

  8. I have always loved your editing style and. Your home and how you decorate is a dream Alexandra💕 and wow I am loving great selection of fashion and home decor at WALMART. They have really stepped up their game. Leopard is everywhere lol

  9. Loved this video SO much! Love Walmart & Because of what you showed us I will be looking for those items the next time I go. Especially that leopard jacket! So thank you very much! You have great taste! ❤

  10. Alexandra I love your videos! And after this video I ran to Walmart to find all the cute clothes! But I also am wondering where u got your watch band from? I really like that too!

  11. 💕🌸Hey girl! I’m so glad you did this haul! I’ve been eyeing that dress from Walmart for awhile and was wondering how it’d look on. Thanks!!!😊 Also, I’ve been wearing box braids lately and I’m totally gonna try wearing those cute clips!!!!💕🌸

  12. Love your picks and how you dress. ❤❤❤
    And awwww baby bump, you look so beautiful. Love your vedio, watch it all the time. 😊keep up the great work👍🏽

  13. Just got that “sweater dress” and quickly realized it’s not a dress it’s a cardigan 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂 the tag says Duster. It looks cute as a dress on you though

  14. Love, love this video! Definitely will be buying the star sneakers you showed. I have been looking everywhere for a dupe. Thank you for sharing this! You had so many good finds. Definitely heading to Walmart for some fall shopping. 😊🛍

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