34 thoughts on “ALO YOGA TRY-ON HAUL 2020

  1. Hey, do you find airbrush ones to be squat proof? I’ve been thinking so long about buying them but not sure it’ll compare to my lulus. Thanks for a vid very helpful

  2. Their items are more for fashion , then actually using for yoga. I found their leggings seriously see- through, except a blackpair. I do like my godess legging. Not crazy about alosoft light colors or airbrush. Inexpensive material as is the moto- legging. I also have read everything pills right away after washing, for the tops and some styles of leggings .Is this Sponsored? Thanks!

  3. I got the tote and spent a bunch , but have you seen the negative reviews on their returns?! Everywhere on social media- instagram and on their reviews, terrible customer service reviews. I am definitely Not impressed with their Airbrush or Alosoft, very inexpensive look and feel. It doesn't smooth Anything, for me! I have read the same from many. Please let us know what You experienced with the Alo returns from the website? Thanks!

  4. Loved this! You are so informative! Also, where is the top from that you're wearing in the video?

  5. I'm wondering how the leggings feel in comparison to the Lulu lemon aligns

  6. I'm curious at to whether the leggings have gusset. I tend to walk really long distances, and leggings with gusset held really well.

  7. Finally someone my size!! I’ve never ordered from ALO. I’m 4’9 and 98lbs. Always hard to find my size online and finding someone also around my size!

  8. Please post the best squat proof leggings from any brand lol im desperate

  9. I love Alo yoga. I have like 20 leggings from Alo and about 5 sports bras. My fave are the lounge leggings and the goddess leggings(I have them in many colors ) . They tend to stretch after a few wears so it’s better to size down as you’ve mentioned.

  10. You are living proof that there is a heaven. Please, please take me to where ever in the afterlife you will be, so I can continue to observe perfection each and everyday. You are a goddess here on Earth! Keep up the good work!!!!

  11. Just ordered that adorable bone color sports bra and the black joggers!! One good thing about not being able to leave my house – more time to online shop! Lol! Loved this vid, you have the best fashion sense ever!!

  12. I really enjoyed this haul!!! You always find the cutest pieces 🙂 I've never tried Alo before but now I'm hooked! I love buying new athleisure it's so much fun lol! My favorites are the purple sports bra and the black one with the slits! I definitely want to try a pair of white leggings now too! Major outfit inspo xx

  13. In my experience Alo Yoga does not have lasting quality. Even when I follow the care instructions or hand wash/delicate detergent/inside out/air dry THE WHOLE deal….the fabric shows how cheap it is.

  14. I love all the pieces!! They’re so beautiful, fur you amazing and the quality seems amazing too! I have to try some of their pieces

  15. Wow you got so many great pieces, I’ve never tried alo yoga before but this video has made me want to give them a go 🌟

  16. You are a beautiful GODDESS ❤️ great video ❤️ you look INCREDIBLE ❤️ please do more hauls like this ❤️ you are simply FLAWLESS ❤️

  17. You got so many pieces!! I’ve never tried alo yoga but I’ve always wanted to! Now you’ve convinced me to go buy some haha! The slit bra is sooo cute and i love the pants with it 😍 the bra is so different ! The offset bralette is cute too! But i think my fave thing of the whole haul was the bone colored half zip hoodie omgggg 😍 🤤

  18. Your videos are so clean and informative! Keep em coming. You get the cutest things and the world (mostly me) needs to see.

  19. Love ALO!!! If you feel like giving yoga a try you might have received a 30 day trial of their classes with your purchase. They’re awesome!! And such a good at home option.

    Also! If you love the leggings give their motto leggings a try! I get compliments on them all the time. I wear them out with a cute top and to yoga 👌

    Great haul!

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