2020 Bikini Haul Try On *CUTE/AFFORDABLE*😍👙

Alexyssdominique #tryon #BikiniHaul 2020 Bikini Haul Try on *CUTE/AFFORDABLE* If your having trouble thinking of ideas on what type of bikinis you …


24 thoughts on “Zaful Bikini Try-On Haul 2020 || AshtynSommer

  1. Love the energy, Ashtyn. Wish you showed the back coverage of the pieces, though.

  2. It’s funny how she didnt want to show the back because of demonization but the video still get demonetized

  3. First and the last one are sexy 👌 btw you are beautiful 😍

  4. I bet rn guys rn who either live alone Single or living with their mom dad's or grandma probably locking themselves in their rooms grabbing a bottle of lotion or whatever beating their balls off 😂

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