34 thoughts on “Brass Bra Tryon-Naava Ramirez|NOT SPONSORED|2020

  1. It looks so uncomfortable to have breasts larger than your head. Isn't it worth losing just a little bit of weight? Not even the full 100+ lbs overweight but it wouldn't be that hard to drop like 20 and feel so much better moving around. Prob would just take one week of drinking juice and would be so worth it.

  2. Just use a strap wired bra and one of those under body shaper and flip the breast part under the bra and that will lift it instantly because what ever your using looks painful when removing.

  3. This was a good video. You were the 1st one I saw that showed the before and after so we could really see how effective it was. I definitely want to try it after seeing this video.

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