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Check out my latest video: ❤ Pinterest Inspired 2016 Winter Clothing Haul & Styled Tryon Haul with Clothing Inspiration ❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50twSzWST0k

2015 Pinterest Inspired Spring Clothing Haul, Styled Try On, & Review! I want to be your trusted resource for honest reviews on today’s latest trends.

Come watch my previous video, it’s a Pinterest Inspired Online Shopping Tutorial Pre Haul that shows u where to get the items u need to complete some of the most popular looks on Pinterest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHKnyI-tzKY

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My Measurements: Height: 5’7″ Weight: 143 lbs. Bust: 36” Waist: 26” Hips:38½” Around Belly: 31” Around Thigh: 22” Around Calf: 13½” Around under bust: 29 ½” Around upper arm: 10” Front from shoulder to shoulder: 16” Length of foot: 9 2/16” Widest part of foot: 3 10/16” All measurements are taken on one side with the garment laid out flat in inches and are approximated. Length is measured at the longest part (including straps, but not turtle necks).
Stores Mentioned: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, MyVintageSpirit.com, & Etsy

Outfit # 1
Black & White Open Back Bow Dress – Large (Length:34 Waist:15 Bust:16) – http://www.stylegasms.com/open-back-bow-dress.html
Outfit # 2
Hot Pink Running Jacket – Small (Length:27 Waist:17 Bust:18 1/2) – http://www.stylegasms.com/rainy-day-outfit.html
White Tank Dress – XL (Length:30 1/2 Waist:16 1/2 Bust:17 Hips:19) – http://www.stylegasms.com/rainy-day-outfit.html
Grey Leggings – Small (Length:34 Waist:13 1/4 Hips:16) – http://www.stylegasms.com/rainy-day-outfit.html
Light Gray Leg Warmers (Length: 15 ½ Width: 3 ½) – http://www.stylegasms.com/rainy-day-outfit.html
Turquoise Rain Boots in Mint – Size 6 (Overall Length: 15 ½ Bottom Sole Length: 9 ½ Bottom Sole Width: 3 ¾ Leg Opening: 15 1/2) – http://www.stylegasms.com/rainy-day-outfit.html
Outfit # 3
Black Skater Skirt – Medium (Length:15 1/2 Waist:12 1/4) – http://www.stylegasms.com/black-skater-skirt-.html
Outfit # 4
Black Sweater Dress – XS/S 1-6 (Length:34 1/2 Waist:13 Bust:15 Hips: 13 1/2) – http://www.stylegasms.com/black-sweater-dress.html
Black Faux Leather Leggings – Medium (Length:41 Waist:13 1/4 Hips: 16 1/4) – http://www.stylegasms.com/dark-purple-sweater-.html
Vintage Cameo Brooch – http://www.stylegasms.com/cameo-brooch.html
Outfit # 5
Polka Dot Tights – Medium – http://www.stylegasms.com/postmodern-contemporary.html
Black Knee High Socks – (Length:22) – http://www.stylegasms.com/postmodern-contemporary.html
Brown Oxfords – Size 6 ½ (Bottom Sole Length: 9 ¾ Bottom Sole Width: 3) – http://www.stylegasms.com/postmodern-contemporary.html
Outfit # 6
Hot Pink Snakeskin Clutch (Length:7 ¼ Width: 9) – http://www.stylegasms.com/hot-pink-snakeskin-python-clutch.html
Turquoise Statement Necklace (Length: 19 ½) – http://www.stylegasms.com/turquoise-statement-necklace.html

Music: TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music – I’m Everywhere — Dubstep/Funkstep/Techno Featuring Farisha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPtNBwMIQ9Q
♫ DOCTOR VOX – Frontier

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  4. Sis…this gotta be one of the funniest youtube video I ever seen in my life. I was crying the whole time. Especially when you crossed your eyes 😂

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